Thursday, 14 March 2013

Five Ways To Motivate Yourself At Work

Be with go-getters

To motivate oneself, you need to surround yourself with achievers. If you have a few top performers in your friends' list, you can't help but be motivated. Kumar has a large friends circle of super achievers, business owners, singers, actors, sportsmen, and she believes that just a phone call with them, or a coffee with them pumps in the inspiration and motivation that lasts days and has a positive impact on her performance. People don't choose their company wisely. Having a good personal rapport with your seniors and bosses or even senior colleagues from other or-ganisations keeps you motivated. These are real people and their success and drive inspires and fuels your own. Keep the company of achievers and you will see the impact in your own performance.

Set your own benchmarks

Acknowledgement of your good work does you a world of good. Comparisons by others are at times unrealistic, making you feel worthless. Set your own goals keeping in mind what is expected of you at work and deliver more. Strike off those you have achieved - this will not only motivate you but also encourage you to perform better at your job.

Think of the present

It does not help thinking of past failures; they will just pull you down further. Instead, focus on the task at hand and find methods to excel at it. Find a mentor who you can confide in and then find a new way to approach the same role. Thinking of the present will cement your decision on whether you want to continue in the present job profile or look for something different. Learning from mistakes and gauging the present situation can allow you take an informed step for your future endeavors.

Keep your focus clear

Make your presence felt by achieving targets, especially those outside expected goals. Enrolling in a learning and development programme organised by the company will give you a fresh perspective and set new standards for your own performance. A company review also will help you focus on your weak points and encourage you to improve.

Stay curious

If you aren't tuned into the changes and developments in your work-place, you are definitely losing out on opportunities. A change of role can help boost your confidence and urge you to excel at the task at hand. Thinking you know it all is the biggest faux pas you can make. Chances are you will feel complacent and demotivated sooner if you think you know everything there is to know about the job you have been assigned. Keep a balanced approach to your work, and don't let negative thoughts mar the chances of letting the positive aspects help your growth prospects

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