Monday, 3 June 2013

A Body Language Can Make or Break Your Job Interview

At present competitive job market requires you to continuously evaluate yourself while looking for career opportunities.

Studies have shown that over 70% of our communication is non-verbal and most of our reactions through body language are involuntary and hard to control consciously. Even well-trained specialists and poker players cannot control their body language the whole time and reveal over and over again their emotions and thoughts. The one who can read this little signs can easily find out the truth and see if the candidate is an imposter are has real talent.

Nowadays nearly everyone is using many impressive words to make themselves look bigger and much more important as recruiter or HR specialist reading a CV or in an interview with the job candidate.

Nonverbal communication in job interviews is very important and it starts the second you walk in for a job interview. Body movement demonstrates confidence through making an eye contact, standing/sitting straight and making a firm handshake. Nonverbal communication is as essential as your answers to the questions. The first impression might boost or ruin your candidacy for the job vacancy.

The Truth Is Written In The Face

Your Eye Contact And Smile:

The eye contact set an impression that you are ready for your job interview and you are confident enough to answer any question relating to your resume and cover letter. Making eye contact comes across as a mark of honesty so, while you speak to the interviewer as well as when you listen to them, maintain eye contact. But beware, contact does not mean staring: it means looking at the person, showing genuine interest for what they are asking or sharing, paying attention to their reaction when you speak

Your smile is your most powerful piece of body language. You see, whereas eye contact and the next element I will address are subject to cultural variations, no such constraint applies to the smile. A genuine smile is a universal sign of warmth that you can send knowing it will be understood and welcome by all

The Body Is Telling Its Own Story

A Firm Handshake:

A firm handshake conveys that you are willing to answer job interview questions professionally.
The art of the successful handshake is as follows:

-    extend your arm at a roughly 45 degree angle from the floor
-    expose your palm at a roughly 20 degree angle from the vertical
-    ensure your hand is firm with fingers slightly bent back
-    open as wide an angle as possible between the thumb and the index
-    get a good 'web to web' contact as your fingers wrap around the other person's hand.

Be polite and keep a smooth tone to your speech : Don't be too quiet or loud when answering questions during job interview. Always stay calm and confident. Don't interrupt like asking questions while the interviewer is discussing something about the company and the job. They will find it rude. Moreover, try not to be monotonous, explain like you're really eager to let them understand your passion in the job. You can utilize minimal hand gestures to make yourself comfortable.

Following these easy and simple steps make you stand-out and compete in today's high job hunt competition. Lastly, no matter how the interview went, keep in mind thanking interviewer for considering your application and taking time to conduct an interview with you.


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